Fast start application Django

Project Structure

├── django/
├── [project_name]/
├── apps/
├── [app1_name]
├── scripts/
  1. Create a directory for storing the script.
mkdir scripts && cd scripts

2. Create to create an application in the project.


3. Install drf-generators and follow the Installation of a document

$ pip install drf-generators

To use DRF Generators, add your INSTALLED_APPS.


4. Create to generate and for your application.

5. Try creating a new application by run the command

$ bash scripts/ <app name>

6. Writing model your new application.

in settings.pyLOCAL_APPS = [

and run python makemigrations && python migrate then new file migration.

7. run the command

$ bash scripts/ <app name>

8. Add Viewset in

from main.apps.products.views import ProductViewSet

router = DefaultRouter()
app_name = 'api_urls'

# Register your API router here. It should be sorted by alphabet

router.register('products', ProductViewSet)

9. Finally. I get it.




Software development

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Jane Ratthanan

Software development

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